Biografilm Festival

Technical coordinator from 2005 to 2014 editions

- Technical manager of Biografilm Festival edition from 2005 to 2014.
- Trailers production for 2005-06 festivals edition.
- Drafting technical specifications for the technical equipment required.
- Assembling, placing and operating mobile audio/video and lighting equipment.
- Acquiring, routing and distributing audio-visual signals from a control room.
- Audio and/or video recording and streaming of participants' interventions.
- Film projection in analogue and digital supports.
- Video calls set up and streaming.
- Programming, operating and resolving problems with conference, multilingual interpreting systems and screening systems.
- Supervising work carried out by other members of the staff and third parties.
- Problem solving in case of electric and electronic equipment breakdown.
- Technical equipment supplier relationship management.

Client: Fanatic About Festivals Tasks: Technical coordinator,
Video editor
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